KL Is Mine


Also known as “And so… And so“…

Publishing Director, editor, our guru when it comes to tips and fab addresses, “and so… and so…” often being part of her vocabulary. Her heart belongs to the Eiffel Tower and the Petronas Towers equally. Her passion? Sharing experiences, emotions. To do this, she writes, it’s her way of bringing a slice of dreamland your way. Meet her and she will ask you question after question, listening intently, loving anecdotes, inspired by anything different, anything new. And yes, she may change her mind often when it comes to new topics but with so many ideas waltzing through her mind, it’s not surprising!

The translator

We won’t lie: had we translated the texts ourselves, you would have had quite a laugh. Words matter, of course but so does the particular image created by an expression (which may not exist in a different language), a pun, or even words put together in the most poetic way. Think of it as game of Tetris of Rubik Cube – she turns the sentences and vocabulary a long time in her mind to find the right combination and recreate the magic… We give her a special award!


Who brings a rainbow of colours wherever she goes

She loves to tease gently the people she loves best, sharpened her pencils to help a new mum design her ABC picture book, can’t resist French magazines which she devours, brings a twist to dishwashing products to turn a boring activity into a fun and trendy one… Her overflowing imagination delights us constantly and we simply couldn’t help asking her for illustrations. She will make you rediscover KL and Malaysia entirely. We simply can’t wait to see what her next idea will be.

The Digital Master ++

No need to keep painkillers close when you are surfing this site – we promise there will be no headache involved. We wanted it stunning and easy to use but couldn’t understand HTML nor CSS: they made it happen, even disguising the code lines in the matrix. Geeks rule.


Alex (her again!)
The Instagram Wizard

Internet came first. Then social media. Using one without the other would be like choosing a pair of Louboutin without their signature red soles. Unthinkable to say the least! Our Instagram account brings a little inspiration your way, every day. We have been told it proves highly addictive. You have been warned!


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