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A thin veil of sawdust covers the antique furniture. This beautiful chaos of wooden lines seems to have stayed untouched for centuries, a different kind of sculptures, frozen in time. Simple visitors might only see in this tiny dust flakes dancing in the air, tickling their throat, before setting down again, white as snow. But ask Mr Soo anything and the staged relics suddenly burst with life again. This art lover works for individuals but also designs furniture for hotels, restaurants and bars. You are likely to have been wowed by many of his creations already, without being able to place them. Stepping aside from high street brands, the artist decided to give a second life to the pieces brought to him, the very first artisan in Malaysia to do so. His workshop can be hard to find: the address, shared as preciously as a secret, is so successful that you might need a little patience to be granted access to this Aladdin’s cave and bring your treasure back home.


Past Master
Antiques Dealer & Restorer
Lot 2653C
Kampung Baru – Sungai Buloh
47400 Selangor


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