Sharing was always the key word. Malaysia proved a priceless gift from life: even though I only have words to offer, I hope they will help you be as happy here as I have been. Malaysia – a small word, 8 letters only, but it means so much to me. I would need to write a whole novel to explain why! I started with a guide. Through these chapters covering culture or tourism, page after page, I hope you will see how strong my love for this country is.
There was no way to cover everything. Instead you will find a patchwork of themes, addresses, stories, ideas. Tips from other expatriates, happy to share their experience, their life here. Beautiful words by two French writers living in Malaysia, occasionally joining me in the adventure. Just like patchworks originally symbolised the life of a family, a community, this guide reflects the unexpected encounters, the friendships woven through the years.
An updated edition means rewriting 70% of the content. There is so much to say… but this is also meant to surprise you. This year, the team is taking you off the beaten path! To be fully honest and transparent with you: there is no hidden advertising within this book, no one paid to appear on these pages. The addresses selected simply are the ones we love or that friends highly recommended.
You may have just arrived in Malaysia or lived here for a while and lost count of the years already – there is a little magic for everyone in this guide. We put all our heart into trying to do so.
We hope our words, stories, smiles, descriptions of our vibrant Malaysia will take you on a wonderful journey.

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