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Just to warn you – this is the longest post you will read on this website. For once, we will stick to SEO criteria, we have so much to tell you!
The first time our summer shoes brushed the soil of the peninsula, we fell in love. Some live the American dream, ours is Malaysian.
We’ve come a long way between KLIA and KLIsMine and there has been so many good surprises all along.
Those who know the first guide book will tell you “it’s fantastic”, “it’s a gold mine”, “it’s my bible”, “I keep it on my bedside table”. We love our readers: we received some of the most beautiful compliments in the media world!
We could tell you we’ve selected our favourite addresses, places to see, experiences to try. That we’ve shared stories about Malaysia. That it doesn’t matter whether you’ve lived here 2 months or 20 years, there will be words sparking a new interest. We’ve sprinkled it with magic, you see.
What we really wanted you to know is that this is not just a guide book. It’s about love, sharing, friendship, amazing people, a story woven beautifully along the year. 17 authors have used their pen, distilled their knowledge into ink to help write ours and give this book that special something: a soul.
By opening it, you’re making a dream come true, you have made the impossible possible. “Impossible” is the first word we heard when mentioning the idea to put a book together. “Too complicated”, “too expensive”, “too much work”, “nobody reads paper anymore”. We are now two years later. The first edition was in the language of Molière, the second is also in Shakespeare’s. Our new theme is “off the beaten path”, we love going where no one goes. Many sponsors helped us bringing the project to life: this free guide book will now be available in 150 distribution points.
When leafing through it, just remember to never let anyone put limits to your own dreams!

You can find The Guide through a channel of 170 distribution points in Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, Penang and Langkawi (Yeast, Pisco Bar, Alliance Française, the British Ladies association, Technip FMC, BNP Paribas, US Embassy…) To know the nearest point, send us an email to : or download the digital copy

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