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Hecho a mano, understand hand rolled. The title has to earn: it takes six years to master this art, which counts nine different steps. Ten before you get to hold the most refined creations between your fingers.
Crisanto Cardenas is a master in this field. Having learnt the ropes at Montecristo in 1960, he now travels the world to give a taste of his expertise to each cigar lover he meets.
If you are eager to know more, this Torcedor will be in town for a few days. This is your chance to see him trim and bind the filler, blend the tobaccos leaves with precision until the perfect balance is found, roll a first then second wrapper leaf around both filler and binder. He may even hand this wonderful blend of aroma to you; enjoy its delicate fragrance, cut its ring at 2 or 3 mm – only then should you light it.
The journey starts here. The first puff will take you to Equator, to Roberto P. Duran & Domazan Cigars’ plantations. Once picked, the precious leaves are dried then fermented in their factory in Estelli, Nicaragua. Texture, suppleness, colour are selected with great care: only the very best will do.

Roberto P. Duran & Domazan Cigars Presents Master Cigar Roller Crisanto Cardenas
The St. Regis Kuala Lumpur
Exclusively at Astor Bar, Level 2 1 
Until the 6th of December from 7.30pm to 10.30pm
For reservations, please email or call +603 2727 6680


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