The TryBe kuala lumpur women networking
The Unclassifiable


Who created the concept? Tory Burch, through her eponymous foundation dedicated to empowering women entrepreneurs. In a world where Twitter and Instagram drown in hashtags, where Webinsta ranks them by popularity, the American stylist trends with #embraceambition.
Men even joined the movement. We’re told that ambition is “sexy“.

Since we support the idea, we’ll whisper to you the group to know in Malaysia: The TryBe.
Their credo? “Try what you want. Be yourself”.
Their strength? A network created by women for women.
Their approach? A welcoming, supportive, active community. Happy to share their knowledge and skill to help others go forward, in their personal and professional life.
Why? They find no better reward than seeing their peers’ eyes shine when they reach their goal.


The TryBe
To register or for more information, check their Facebook page
Upcoming events :
– Thursday 5 of October: afterwork cocktail at Renaissance Hôtel
– Tuesday 24 of October: Presentation – Boost your website traffic
– Thursday 2nd of November: Afterwork Cocktail @ W1 Bangsar
– Tuesday 14 of November: Workshop – Make impactful presentations
– Friday 1st of December : Afterwork Cocktail XMAS party @ Havana Bukit Bintang
– Wednesday 13 of December: Presentation – TBC Recruit and retain the winning team/ Know yourself to sell better


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