Working with us

What matters most to us is trust. We aim to provide our readers with a credible, transparent approach to journalism but also support our business partners by writing excellent quality content.
Based on this ethic, we much prefer the word partner to advertiser as, indeed, the relationship goes both ways. We listen to your needs and expectations to make sure they meet both our philosophy and readership: the best way to ensure we can put your brand forward efficiently.
To keep our editorial line balanced, we write all our articles ourselves, indicating clearly when we have been working with partners. We are building a relationship with you but also with our readers. Honesty matters greatly to them and we intend to respect the trust they place in us.
Our platform, available in English and French, gives you a unique opportunity to communicate on two platforms at once in Malaysia and therefore reach a much wider audience.
Interested in working with us? Fancy discussing this further? Do email us:


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