KL Is Mine – What, why, how

Come with us. We’re taking you on a journey, bringing new ideas your way every morning. Some days will be about exploring, taking a gentle stroll, discovering. Others will bring a dose of culture, or maybe a soupçon of escapism. Ideas to think differently, try something new, forget about routine.

We will keep it short. We have known you for quite some time, we have listened to what you like or no. If it’s too long, you lose interest. In this digital world, it’s easy to click away.

We are free to write as we please. We occasionally work with partners. We have lots of ideas to share: so do they! They do, indeed, pay us and these articles will be clearly indicated as such. See it as the cherry on the cake – you get all our tip and extra good content on the side.

We like everyone. Whether you’re born here or you are from Paris, Rovaniemi, New-York, Pekin or Santiago, join in! The more the merrier, as they say!

Before falling in love with the Petronas Towers, we looked up to another one, in the City of Lights. The Eiffel Tower, of course. Hence why we write in both English and French. We leave it up to you!

We do realize you get waves of emails all the time, and that newsletters add to the tsunami feeling. We’ll sail ours your way once a week only, on Thursdays. And because we know you need a smile, we promise to make it irresistible every single time. Think off the beaten path ideas, secret addresses, wow places you will want go back to with your friends, in other words: rays of sunshine. You will never wonder what to do this weekend again. You’re one step away from it: join our mailing list!


KL Is Mine is a publication runs by Eponyme Sdn Bhd


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